Seismopolite is grateful for the generous support by the Arts Council Norway and Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo.

          Fritt Ord


About Seismopolite Journal of Art and Politics

Seismopolite is a Norwegian-English quarterly which investigates the possibilities of artists and art scenes worldwide to reflect and influence their local political situation.

Seismopolite aims to highlight diverse artistic forms and strategies that stimulate new future trajectories in precarious socio-political situations, for example by critically examining geopolitical, cultural and historical master narratives, challenging and questioning the roots of censorship and violations of Human Rights, or working to reach understanding and bridge real or constructed differences in areas of conflict.

Related to this, Seismopolite also wishes to contribute to a renewed, critical attentiveness to the art market and art’s relation to neoliberal geopolitics – e.g. the role of art in geopolitical marketing strategies or its dependency on the neoliberal political geography of place/ space and local/ global – to assess the implications of these factors for the possibility of art to fill such political functions today.

Art Map! is an updated list of exhibitions, galleries, museums and art spaces in all the cities the Journal has visited.



William Aitchison

Rocío Aranda-Alvarado

Kiril Avramov

Nathalie Mba Bikoro

Brian Brush

Clare Butcher

Paal Andreas Bøe

Melissa Campbell

Zoe Charaktinou

Julie Crenn

Mikala Hyldig Dal

Gitanjali Dang

Katadiou Diallo

Alkisti Efthymiou

Natalia Echeverri

Marie Egger

Kathryn Floyd

Belinda Grace Gardner

Raimi Gbadamosi

Övgü Gökçe

Jeanine Griffin

Sabine Grosser

Laurent Gutierrez

Basma Hamdy

Fatima Hussain

Zahra Hussain

Keith Hussein

May Adadol Ingawanij

Atsuhide Ito

Farrah Karapetian

Bharti Lalwani

Dominique Malaquais

Chris Mansour

Federica Martini

Neery Melkonian

Howard Meltzer

Ivan Monforte

Jenny Morse

Carola Moujan

Shaily Mudgal

Josef Ng

Rafal Niemojewski

Wanda Raimundi Ortiz

Iolanda Pensa


Valérie Portefaix

Emily Lauren Putnam

Catarina Riva

Paula Roush

Luisa Santos

Christoph Schenker

Silke Schmickl

Henry F. Skerritt

Maria Spanoudaki

Aylin Soyer Tangen

Emília Tavares

David Teh

Milanka Todić

Srđan Tunić

Emmanuel Ebere Uzoji

Jan Verwoert

Carmen Victor

June Yap