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Zipper Galeria

Rua Estados Unidos, 1494

February 24 - March 21:

James Kudo: Oxymorons

Kudo's work is built on recountals, in which fiction and non-fiction are continually merged. They are imagined memories blurring the line between real and unreal. He recalls and revitalizes narratives, traversing between aesthetic and environmental issues. He saw the dream city of his grandparents submerge in water, leaving a trail of destruction and loss. And there he saw the rise of a new reality, less romantic - yet vibrant. The waters gushing in waterfalls, with sparkling energy. He accumulated fleeting images and collected disconnected memories.

Diego Arregui:Trap to distend space

The project by Arregui entitled "Trap to distend space" presents an installation which instigates the finding of ambiguity in perceptual processes. Its proposal establishes visual games which confuse the notion of depth, blurring the distinction between what is inside and what is outside; that which is inherent to the representation, or that which inhabits the shared reality. It reveals with poetic simplicity the extent to which the specificity of point of view inevitably conditions the understanding.